Thursday, July 14, 2005

Blogged Down

To all my regular readers who hang on to each word that I craft, my apologies for my disappearance. Blame it on work. Work is really irritating. It stops one from pursuing the really important activities that go on to make a healthy life. Like playing computer games. Like catching the matinee show of Sarkar. Like writing my blog.

I work in advertising. My job is to get business. My team's job is to manage them. It looks like I am getting a little to good at my job. And my team is wilting under the onslaught. Over the last few weeks, no one in office has played a round of Doom. Or raced around a track.

So i decided to help the poor souls out I have been, as they say, getting my hands dirty. Meeting clients and all. Been some time I did that. Actually wrote a brief. It's like revisiting childhood. But it's been fun.

Hey, sorry but looks like I have to run. Another client is calling his slaves.

See you soon. Be good.

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Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! Bookkeeping etc