Friday, July 22, 2005

Soul Cleansing

Mumbai rains are awesome or awful depending on whether you travel by car or train to work.

For the carpeople, esp with drivers, its a wonderful 45 minutes to an hour to work and back. What's more beautiful than watching a sheet of rain on marine drive and the sloshing of waves aginst the concrete. The continuous splatter of rain on sheet metal and the wave after wave aginst your window pane. The airconditioner works so well!

For the muggles on trains, its not a pleasent time. Jumping out of a shared cab and making a dash for the protection of the station is a never-winning race. You will always hit the last puddle before u get 2 the safety of the concrete roof.

I enjoy Sundays the most. Wake up in the morning. Open the sliding windows. With a warm cup of tea in my hand, watch the earth getting washed. It's a cleansing feeling. That's a real nice feeling.

And Sunday is just a day away. Time for soul freshening.


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