Friday, August 12, 2005

Green, White, Orange

That's the colour of the office today and will be for India till the 15th. It's a nice set of colours you realise. Very bright and pleasent. Everyone is wearing some shade of the three. A bit overwhelming. But one can live with it for a few days. Especially since it means Monday is a holiday!

Mangal Pandey was timed beautifully. One can visualise a lot of tricolours being waved in the aisles during the weekend. Me have a laptop load of work. Atleast that's what i am telling myself at this point of time.

The premiership starts this weekend. Thank God! Am so bored on weekends. How many books can a soul absorb or for that matter how many beers. The great Strand Book Sale is on also. I love it. One morning taken care off.

Well, have to go now. Need to buy some jeans. Hopefully they will have colours other than orange, white, green..

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