Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bombay Ducks

"Are you going to work? No man, its raining a bit. Don't want to take a chance."

One would have never thought you would have heard that from a Mumbaite. What the blasts couldn't do to Mumbai, the rain gods did. With a lot of help from the administration. Even today, a full 10 days from Tuesday Trauma, one glances out of the window a little fearfully.

Personally, I spent just seven hours in a car stuck in a totally avoidable traffic snarl in Mahim. There was no water. Neither was there a cop in sight. Basic survival instincts had taken over and everyone was breaking every rule to get home. And so no one did.

We are all limping back to normal. Hopefully, we have seen the last of the rains. Hopefully, we will see some good come out of all this for the city.

But for a while, Mumbaites will do one thing when they hear a thunderclap.