Tuesday, March 28, 2006

P.S: Its’s Jet Lag!

The signs are portent. If you are a faithful of a certain Mr Peter Senge’s systemic thinking, travelling in India today is a mine of data. The unfortunate few whose privilege cards change metal colour with rapidity are seeing a crumbling of all things good around them.

Last week, having finished work earlier than expected, I was dashing back to Mumbai from the Capital. Was trying to get on to a 5:25 flight or a 6:00 flight (both were, of course, leaving at 6:30). It was mayhem. There were platinum people jostling with first time fliers at a counter manned by an extremely sweaty and harassed lady who was trying to make seats meet. The platinum people were getting extremely vocal at the plain blue treatment been meted out to them. Brand affinity was walking out of the emergency exit.

Giving up on the tickets and reconciled at another wait in the lounge and a late night taxi fare, I demanded my free glass of beer and a place to smoke. I was pointed to a corner under the only sign that encouraged people to desist from the terrible habit. The corner was a mess. The ashtray was full. The table was filthy and there were hapless waiters running around. The signs were for all to see.

The gentleman from the bank (that has just bought out the man with the golden sacks) looked around him, smiled wryly and said “if we can’t handle two years of 8% growth, what will we do”

PS would have had a lot to say. Look out India Inc. Something’s giving.


Anonymous said...

We as a nation act when we have our back to the wall. And we will do this time too. At least some efforts have been made to kickstart modernization of the airports (inspite of Comrade Karat's best efforts). I had the good opportunity to overhear one of our illustrious young parliamnetarians (whose family business is politics)saying that he will stop flying into Mumbai given the kind of constraints you have written about. He may, but the millions other who have started flying thanks to Air Deccan and Spice Jet will not. And that's good for India. Yes, there will be opain as the rosy forecasts falter as infrastructure gives way. You know what - air travel increased in Jan-Feb by over 50% year on year. While in Delhi, there is no place to sit at the lounge (you were lucky, I have suffered in the last two weeks), sit near the check-in counter and see the average traveller, his/ her dress etc. You will see the profile has rapidly chnaged. Its not PLUs any longer, it is people like them - brown terry cotton trouser, sneakers and a side bag you will not be caught dead with. He flies into Nagpur, meets a supplier and then takes a train to Bilaspur. Believe me I overheard this conversation too.

- Mishti

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Anustup said...

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reptile said...

Brill blog. Only heard of you, never met and decided to read all of it on a lark, after the debacle with Man U. (Do those guys have someone up there smiling?) opponents seem to throw in the towel.

But I digress. My comment or question was, how do you suppose things have changed about 4 years on?

Cheers & keep on a-rockin'