Thursday, April 20, 2006

Twiggy, Fatty and Big Brother

One was caught by surprise by the chill in the hills. Dressed in shorts and Tees, one had to actually use a heater in mid-April. The weather demanded a fire and we got one on the second evening. It was a fire which kept us occupied for over four hours. Not just because it was a roaring one but some of the wood took on distinct personalities.

Right at the beginning among the merrily burning members, we spotted Fatty. Sitting across the fire, sticking out on both ends, it showed early signs of non-cooperation. While its brethren were turning to ashes, Fatty hadn’t even started sweating. We concentrated a minor arsenal under its belly and were sure that sooner than later it would give in.

Then there was Twiggy. Thin and dainty and its ends shaped liked a wishbone, she was our ally. We kept her out of the fire, using her instead to maneuver her friends and relatives to the most strategic spots. She had the tendency to join in the fun and her tips constantly burst into flames which we kept dousing by beating her on the turf.

Soon the first lot was reaching its end and reinforcements arrived in numbers. Big Brother was here. As robust as Fatty but with a temperament in direct contrast. In seconds, Big Bro was alive and kicking and there was cheer all around. Fatty observing our glee with Big B tried to join in the merriment but his heart really wasn’t in it.

With the wonderful night well past pumpkin hour, we ended Twiggy’s misery. She burnt merrily, crackling with delight. Fatty singed and crackled a bit but was left the solitary weeper. We left them at peace and retired. Roasted to our bones.


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